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Modular Wireless Speaker

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WOW!dea M PLUS Modular Wireless Speaker is designed for outdoor activities. With an innovative interface structure and different functional components, it presents a special modular design. Users can enjoy a diversity of its functions by choosing and changing modules the way they like. Through simple combined operations, WOW!dea M PLUS can not only work as a wireless speaker with monophonic and stereophonic sound options, but it can also serve as an torch or outdoor lamp with power bank function, and offer even more functions with various scalable modules.

M PLUS Video [CN] 
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  • Product Name: Modular Wireless Speaker
  • Model No.: M PLUS (A5/A3/A2)
  • Material:PC/ABS
  • Product Size 1: 230×φ50(mm) (Host*1+Speaker*2)
  • Product Size 2: 200×φ50(mm) (Host*1+Speaker*1+LED Torch*1)
  • Product Weight (A5): Net 481g; Total 1000g;
  • Rated Input: 5V/2A, Micro USB
  • Rated Power: 10W
  • Built-in Battery:10,000 mAh, 3.7V, 37Wh, Li Battery
  • USB Output:5V---2.1A
  • Bluetooth Version:4.1 / BLE
  • SSID Name: M PLUS
  • Output RMS: 4W/4Ω (per speaker),THD10%
  • Frequency Range: 120Hz-16KHz
  • Working Environment: -10℃~+40℃
Components SPECs
  • Host Size: 110×φ50 (mm), Weight: 270g;
  • Speaker Size: 64×φ50 (mm), Weight: 74g;
  • LED Torch Size: 34×φ50 (mm), Weight: 34g; LED*1 / 1W / Touch Control;
  • LED Atmosphere light:45×φ50 (mm), Weight: 29g; LED*1 / 1W / Touch Control;
Components Figure
  • Host (PN:M4A0)
  • Speaker (PN:M4B0)
  • LED Torch (PN:M4C0)
  • LED Atmosphere light (PN:M4D0)
Optional Accessories
  • USB / Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Case for M MPLUS  (A5 Style; A2/A3 Style)
  • Player Stand
  • Outdoor Activities (Player Stand, Bike Handlebar Mount, Belt Clip)

  • Host M4A0 ×1;
  • Speaker M4B0 ×2;
  • LED Torch M4C0×1;
  • LED Atmosphere light M4D0 ×1;
  • Accessories.


  • Host M4A0 ×1;
  • Speaker M4B0 ×2;
  • Accessories.

  • Host M4A0 ×1;
  • Speaker M4B0 ×1;
  • LED Torch M4C0×1;
  • Accessories.

*Package contents may be changed for different model or area.


  • The host built-in Bluetooth/DSP chips and 10,000 mAh Li Battery with power management system, which keeps all modules going for a prolonged time and serves as a large portable power bank for other devices.
  • Turn On:
  • Turn the switch to ON, the indicator light goes into white and flashing.
  • Turn Off:
  • Turn the switch to OFF
  • Please do not turn the switch to frequent and too fast,it may cause the device damaged
  • The Bluetooth speaker and power bank function will work only when the host is turned on. But the host could be charged when it was turned off.

  • White Led Flashing:
    The Host is on, and waiting to connect to the Bluetooth device.
  • White Led Always Bright:
    Bluetooth device connected.
  • White Led Off:
    No Bluetooth device connected for more then 5 mins, the Host goes into Sleep Mode。
  • Red Led Flashing Fast:
    Battery is low, should be charged in time.
  • Red Led Flashing Slow:
    Charging, the Red Led goes off when the batter is full.
  • Blue Led On
    The Touch Contol of Bluetooth/Hand-free Call button on the Host has been pressing.

Place the component near the host end, Magnetic buckle structure will guide to assemble, rotate 20 ° counterclockwise, the components will be assembled to the host.

When the components were right assembled:

  • The Led will on and goes out inside the speakers.
  • The Led will on and goes out on the LED Torch.
  • Touch Control works to the LED Atmosphere light M4D0.


It can be charged whenever the Host is on or off, the indicator Led goes flashing slow when charging, and off when charged.
Please charge with DC 5V 2A USB adapter for the best charging condition. Generally, it will be charged around 10 hrs*.

* For reference only, charging time will be different under different conditions

Power Bank

Built-in 10,000 mAh High-Quality Li Battery with smart power management system, with 1*USB port which provides DC 5V/2.1A max output.

Built-in high-quality Bluetooth and DSP chips solutions and high-quality speakers, assemble 1 or 2 speaker to the host for wireless speaker function, 2 speakers for the best sound quality:

Connecting Bluetooth Devices:

When the host is on and white led flashing, the Bluetooth is ready to connect. Search the SSID name M PLUS and connect on your bluetooth device such as smart phones or tablet, when hearing the connected voice and the white led turns into always bright, the bluetooth device is connected.

Sleep Mode & Reactive:

When the host is on and ready to connect Bluetooth devices, it will go into Sleep Mode and the white led off if there is any devices connected after 5 mins, so that helps the host keep power.
Press the Bluetooth/Hand-free Call Button on the Host up to 2 secs, the Host will be reactived and was ready to connect.

* The Components assembled except for the speaker will keep working under Sleep Mode.

When there is a coming call, the music playing will be stopped, and the phone rings from M PLUS:

  • Touch the Hand-free Call figure to answer the call;
  • Press the Hand-free Call figure to refuse the call;
  • Double-touch the Hand-free Call figure to hang up.

Please face to the Mic when calling.

* Difference to Android and iOS device when to answer the call:

The calling will be answered on M PLUS by default no matter what we operate on phone or M PLUS for Android phones, choose play by your phone on your smart phone side to stop playing on M PLUS speaker(s).
The calling will be answered on M PLUS when you Touch M PLUS, otherwise it will answered on your iPhone.

When the Host is on and the LED Torch assembled:

  • Press the touch control button up to 3 secs, the torch is turned on;
  • Touch the control button to switch always bright or flash;
  • Press the touch control button up to 3 secs, the torch is turned off.

When the Host is on and the LED Atmosphere light assembled, touch the light figure to switch the brightness in 3 levels and on or off.

Press the Reset button on the end of the Host if downtime happens.

  • Please do not try to disassemble the product by yourself;
  • Slight heating up is normal when the device is in use;
  • Please do not use any solvent to clean the device;
  • Do not put in high temperature or immerse it in any corrosive liquid or water;
  • When the device is used as a charging cable, please check whether the current rating and other specifications of the device being charged match the specs;
  • Any damage caused by improper use has nothing to do with this device;


  • RoHS 2.0 2015/863/EU
  • CE EN300328/EN301489/EN60695
  • FCC PART15 B
  • CCC GB8898/GB13837/GB17625
  • Quality Certification (CQC)


When the battery is full and M PLUS is on:
100 days standby time when no components assembled;
30 days standby time when components assembled.
Remark: The data above root in our lab, only for reference.

When the battery is full, M PLUS will continuous work for around:

  • 70 hrs. with 1 speaker;
  • 35 hrs. with 2 speakers;
  • 27 hrs. with 1 LED torch;
  • 27 hrs. with 1 LED atmosphere lamp;
  • 19 hrs. with 1 speaker and 1 LED torch.

Remark: The data above root in our lab, only for reference.

M PLUS Video [CN] (55M)

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